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Central Power Systems

Our central inverter system is a sophisticated, versatile, and cost-effective unit that exceeds the features of any comparable system currently available on the market.

emergency lighting
Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting products give you the flexibility of flush-mount and compact lighting products that complement any design.

recessed emergency lightingRecessed Emergency Lighting

These products provide the emergency lighting your location needs in a recessed design that makes them blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

led exit signsLED Exit Signs

Versatile with low energy usage and a bright output, our LED collection enhances architectural design while keeping you on budget.

self luminous signsSelf Luminous Signs

With a long lifespan, minimal maintenance, and no additional power source necessary, our self-luminous signs light the way in a way no other products can.

photoluminescent exit signsPhotoluminescent Exit Signs

These sleekly designed signs meet life safety codes without compromising on style. With a long lifespan, these recyclable signs are perfect for sustainable projects.

escape route markingsEscape Route Markings

These versatile products are a unique, unobtrusive, and cost-effective way to meet life safety standards.

custom graphic signCustom Graphic Signs

Our manufacturing capabilities ensure that you can get the exact product and specifications you need. All with the quality you expect from Evenlite.


We offer products designed to protect your lighting investment as well as interchangeable lamp heads to ensure proper illumination